Elin Brissman


27.01.18 – 25.02.18

CM7 presenterer: Elin Brissman

Åpning: 26. januar 2018 kl 18.00

Åpningstider 27. januar- 25. februar:
– mandag-onsdag: etter avtale, ta kontakt på danielaramosa@gmail.com
– torsdag-fredag: 11:00-15:30
– lørdag og søndag: 12:00-16:00

Artist statement: I’ve been working for years on this project, exploring the mundane architecture of the post-war period. Buildings from that time often have a quiet simplicity, where details and materials are key. Now that they are getting older and often in need of large scale renovations, these qualities are too often lost under cheap, modern cladding, and what’s left behind a soulless shadow of what was.

I wish to give these buildings attention and get more people to see and appreciate them for what they are, and preserve them for the future. At the same time, my work is a documentation of now, snapshots of the overlooked, and an ongoing painterly challenge. Because that’s what everything centres upon: the work in the studio, the craftsmanship, the time consuming process.

CM7 består av ART + FOLK, B-open og VISP og er støttet av Hordaland Fylkeskommune og Bergen Kommune.