–if you please everybody it means you are vanilla and have nothing going on–

– P a l m e r a –

4.05.18 – 6.05.18

– P a l m e r a – is super excited to invite you to Anahita’s solo show
>>> if you please everybody it means you are vanilla and have nothing going on <<<.

…………*** VERNISSAGE on Friday 4th of May kl 18.00 ***………..

………………………………***CLOSED on Saturday***……………………………….

……….***OPEN AND GONE on Sunday kl 14.00 to 18.00***……….

?The exhibition is kindly supported by Bergen Kommune, Kulturrådet,
BEK and all of you who are coming by! DO NOT MISS OUT ?

Anahita Alebouyeh (born 1987) is an Oslo based artist, she has a BA from Bergen Academy of the Art and Design.

Her work revolves around performance in multiple contexts and media: live performance, performative video and staging of environment / space.

She examines and enhances emotional aspects in performative work while exploring pop-cultural phenomenons. She works with characters from pop culture – for example reality shows, pop music, slapstick- and stand-up comedy. Anahita feels comfortable in this landscape, where satirical or humorous characters are exaggerated. She tries to suggest new ways to look at and process things in our immediate surroundings while pointing at a potential poetic charge of pop-cultural phenomenons, to see what occurs when it is translated and performed in a new context. Isolated from the intended real and pop-cultural context, she hopes that her work inspire the viewer to a profound reflection on pop culture.

Her work examines how the viewer consider their own relationship to pop culture, as an individual as well as a part of a larger collective consciousness.

For her it is important to get the viewer to feel something. She wants to communicate, in a floating chaos, sometimes without words and logic. Oscillating between small adventures and new critical images.

Anahita loves it when she perceive an immediate reaction from the audience, this closeness to other people has a great intensity that she finds inspiring.


–P a l m e r a– is a stem born in Sandviken from the former FELT galleri; Palmera’s sprouts are kindly supported by Bergen Kommune, Kulturrådet, artists, friends, fellow spaces and believers.

Palm trees grow in a variety of environments. Diverse species can be found throughout the world, in deserts, rainforests, tropical lands and in Bergen, Norway.

Used in landscaping, palms exhibit a vast and stupendous diversity in their large leaves, providing habitats for many unique art forms and growing in a bunch all along.