KLOA: Eremitten

–P a l m e r a– is enchanted to present KLOA by Eremitten, opening Saturday 10th of March 15.00hrs.

Eremitten will build an oversized nutcracker for crushing crab claws by means of human power. The nutcracker is a Frankenstein Art Brut-hybrid made out of gathered materials from Østerdalske forest.

–P a l m e r a– will be temporarily transformed into a pop-up mix of a hot dog kiosk and production line. On Saturday, barrels of crab claws, special printed pølsepapir, bread, mayonnaise and home made drinks will be provided by Eremitten.

Bring your muscles, stomachs and power!

On Sunday we will cook Saturday memories, warm up a little soup and some other snacks from 13.00hrs.


Eremitten is Anders Smebye and Anders Dahl Monsen’s collaborative project that makes use of material processes that are activated and develop over time – akin to a salami that is fermented, hung, matured and finally edible. Eremitten takes its name from the hermit crab which are missing a hard exterior and constantly seeking shelter in empty houses.

This nomadic nature and conceptual house-swapping, leads their projects towards a consideration of flexible, functional solutions aimed at the most central of practices in our society; the meal. With this as a starting point, they explore artistic-culinary gray areas where sculpture is food, food is craftsmanship, craftsmanship is politics, politics are usership, usership is design, design is people, people are sculpture.