Manuel Portioli: Lovers’ Nest

Visningsrommet USF

27.04.18 – 13.05.18

(love nest)

1. A home where a loving and affectionate couple lives. The newlyweds couldn’t wait to start building their love nest when they returned from their honeymoon.

2. A place where two people meet secretly to have a romantic affair. Nobody but Judy knew that Sheila and Bob had a love nest near the office for their midday rendezvous.

(a love nest. (n.d.) Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. 2015. )

I go through the world of painting without any preconceived idea, with an open mind and an over-embracing will to experiment. Continuously. Restlessly. I’m not particularly fond of the notion of style and the concept, mainly related to the commercial department of the art world, of recognizability. I get terrified about the thought of an author bound to be the imitation of himself for a lifetime…but still, if the repetition is genuine and not stupidly market-driven, I’d mostly get amazed. Perseverance is a capital virtue and stubbornness seems to be the other side of the coin, but I make no distinctions, I take the pair as it is. I used to see an artist as an antenna capable of deciphering a variety of signals, turning them into comprehensible images…but after the bless of 10 years of art-making I feel that artists are serial masochist windmill fighters. And there’s something beautiful in it, something not dissimilar from following the perilous path that lead to the fulfilment of a vocation.
Lovers’ Nest is an exhibition that mingles some of the characterizing elements of my series of paintings pursuing unexpected outcomes. This exhibition will bring together many aspects of my production, tying them together in dynamic unprecedented ways. The shows will borrow elements from all my later production and add new never-shown-before works. In some cases, the results are expanding the limits of the painting, embracing the surrounding walls, and creating inclusive three-dimensional spaces. My goal is to create an exhibition that shows the variety of works that stands behind an artist’s better known group of works. He’s research and experimentations. A mix of “b-sides”, masterpieces, and sketches, tied in a constructive dialogue. The show will “activate” the exhibition space, turning it into a macro-painting, reminiscent of contemporary installation and classic frescoed rooms. My work is an ongoing visual research were kitsch painted parts, pornography, street art, spray, tags, oil painted sublime landscapes and writings are constantly mingled, with Lovers’ Nest I’ll bring forward this research, expanding it from the canvases to the exhibition space.


Opening Info:
– Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12 – 16.
– Opening 27th of April at 18:00.
Last exhibition day 13th of May