Performance kl 19.00: Stacy Brafield & Sara Plantefève Castryck – Now that I have been here a while

Visningsrommet USF

2.11.17 – 6.11.17


Torsdag 2. november kl. 18 – 21
+ performance kl. 19
Fredag 3. november kl. 18 – 21
+ performance kl. 19
Lørdag 4. november kl. 12 – 16
+ performance kl. 15
Søndag 5. november kl. 12 – 16
+ performance kl 15

The performance is part of the exhibition «Now that I have been here a while» that focuses on the beauty, communality and complexities produced in artistic collaborations. The exhibition explores the construction of the temporary collective identity and the relationship with the ‘other’. Combining drawing, performance and sound the artists intend to morph into one common voice.

As a starting point, their practices are opposing one another, but this is what draws attention, desire and envy. The grass is greener on the other side, right? It is very humanistic to want what you don ́t have and to envy the one whom does. Through the dierences in their practices, they have been working collectively to challenge, to push one another and to experiment. Exploring the compliments and frictions. Combining the patterns, shapes, forms, colours, the simplicity yet highly aesthetical works of Plantefève- Castryck together with the often too complicated, ephemeral gestures by Brafield.

Setting up laboratories for dialoguing, thinking, working and making together. Diving head first into the rituals, the rhythms, the mind of the others artistic practice. Drawing aspects that compliment and those that oppose the others work. Giving up the sense of the individual, the you, the I, the me and allowing the we to come through. Allowing the friction to burn, the conversations to bounce and the force of the other to guide you into the unknown. Creating a language that is both audio, visual and physical.

A new performance takes place each day of the exhibition, please see the schedule for details.