Valle Central Valley – Pilot

Bergen Kjøtt

14.04.18 – 15.04.18


– A weekend of conversations, future plans, videos, talks, jukebox, brunch, artists and artworks at Bergen Kjøtt.

VALLE CENTRAL VALLEY is a cultural exchange program for visual artists, an alternative to the one-way artist residency. Valle Central Valley aims to showcase art from the visiting culture– Central America in Europe and Europe in Central America; and further nurture the ideas and creativity that happen when we meet.

Officially VALLE CENTRAL VALLEY starts with VALLE CENTRAL VALLEY PILOT at Bergen Kjøtt: Co-Directors Daniela Morales and Lola Malavasi from TEOR/éTica will visit for the occasion. Together with Daniela Ramos and Tonje Bøe Birkeland they will host a Pilot at Bergen Kjøtt presenting the artistic exchange, yet more importantly creating a platform for future collaboration between TEOR/éTica and Bergen Kjøtt, San José and Bergen. The platform presents artworks from both places, from artists dealing with one, two or numerous cultures; multiculturalism is present in the selected works. The show focuses on Latin American art meeting the Nordic; most of the artists have a connection to Latin America. Artist Agnete Tangrand with her wearable artwork “Viktenbunad” is pushing the limits of norms around “the stereotypical Norwegian”. The embroidered texts suggest friendships, openness and understanding. The garments hold references to Norwegian national costumes, yet also to folklore and textile traditions, mixing it playfully until all borders vanish.

Exhibiting artists: Agnete Tangrand, Christian Bermudez, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Victor Guzman, Daniela Ramos Arias, Marton Robinson, Mimian Hsu, Oscar Figueroa, Javier Calvo, Jonathan Harker and Donna Conlon, Hugo Ochoa, Carlos Fernández, Lucía Madriz and Christian Salablanca.


Selected artists for the cultural exchange artist program VALLE CENTRAL VALLEY 2018 are Joan Villaperos (CR) and Numi Thorvarsson (NO). Bergen Kjøtt is looking forward to Joan Villaperos’ visit in June. Stay tuned for more info.