Vilde Blom, Aski Dahl, Ingrid Bjørnseth – A thousand observations

Visningsrommet USF

16.03.18 – 25.03.18

Åpning fredag 16. mars kl 19 – 21
Lørdag – Søndag: 14 – 18
Mandag: Stengt
Tirsdag – Fredag: 15 – 20

Glue charcoal strawberry paper plaster dissolving sugar bodies soil, drip-drop. If you measure the rotation of your eye movement. Discovering, the eye flickers around the room. I wonder if you ever see what I see, if we ever share the same landscape? Plaster glue strawberry paper charcoal sugar soil — where does one end and another begin? Everything is wrong, everything is ok.

A thousand observations can be made from a singular viewpoint. They can be multiple approaches of one thing, of clusters of individually articulated details, or the mass of their unity. Of a thousand observations, which one clarifies itself, smears off on you, sticks around as a memory?

A thousand observations is a project platform and point of contact between the artistic practice of Ingrid Bjørnseth, Aski Dahl and Vilde Løwenborg Blom. Presenting the collaborative exhibition as an open process in constant, subtle transformation, they shift the centre of gravity from the finalized result of an artwork to its organic evolvement. As a series of continuous occurrences the exhibition manifests day by day.