3.-5. desember: Cone7 på CM7!

Marilinn Lund: I am the wolf (detail)

VISP og B-open har invitert Cone7 til å ha popup-butikk i våre felles lokaler, CM7 i Christian Michelsens gate 7, fra fredag 3. desember til søndag 5. desember.

På denne pop-up ́en vil Cone7 vise frem egen kunst fra kunstnerne Lorie Ballage, Eléonore Griveau and Marilinn Lund.

Åpning fredag kl 18.00, lett servering.

Fredag 3. desember: 18-20
Lørdag 4. desember: 12-16
Søndag 5. desember 12-15

Cone 7 er et keramisk senter basert i Bergen, drevet av de tre profesjonelle kunstnerne Lorie Ballage, Eléonore Griveau og Marilinn Lund. Cone 7 er åpent for kunstnere, designere og alle som er villige til å eksperimentere med leire, deres oppdrag er å utvikle et langsiktig keramisk miljø og å fremme keramikkens rolle innen kunst, design og håndverk.

VISP and B-open have invited Cone7 to have a pop-up shop in our shared space, CM7 in Christian Michelsens gate 7, from Friday 3 December to Sunday 5 December. 

At this pop-up, Cone7 will showcase their own art from artists Lorie Ballage, Eléonore Griveau and Marilinn Lund. 

Opening Friday at 6 p.m. 

Opening hours: 

Friday      3 December: 18-20
Saturday 4 December: 12-16
Sunday   5 December 12-15

Cone 7 is a ceramic center based in Bergen, Norway and is run by three professional artists, Lorie Ballage, Eléonore Griveau and Marilinn Lund. Open to artists, designers, and anyone willing to experiment with clay, their mission is to develop a long term ceramic community and to promote its application in art, design and craft.

On the drifts of a journey around the unfeasible, useless gestures and failures to come, the work of Lorie Ballage is a dedication to tragedy as a grand ideological narrative. Her works can be perceived as utopian errors aiming to represent the potentialities of failure – thrills which result from unfortunate events, loss of control and uncertainty, all the things that define us as individuals.

Eleonore Griveau’s current research leads to the making of active objects undergoing an evolution conducting to self destruction. With accumulation of rough geometric forms, the ecological interactive and still installations reflect on the figure of human activities as the dominant influence on nowadays ecosystems.

The works of Marilinn Lund depict animals in various forms and explore the space between these creatures and the observer. Craving the overwhelming power of nature, she investigates what an artist can create when nature seems impossible. By working back and forth between the lines of dulcet and dangerous, the making of beings becomes a method of understanding the world.