About VISP

VISP is a resource and a networking organisation for the Visual Arts in Norway, and we work to improve and facilitate conditions for the production and dissemination of Visual Arts.

VISP represents all of the creative community within the Visual Arts, including artists, galleries, institutions, producers, curators, critics and suppliers of materials and services. We are a membership organisation and membership is free.

VISP aims to create a unified network and we encourage our members to contact us if they need practical or professional advice, information or other guidance.

Fotograf: Eirik Brekke


Becoming a member is free, you can sign up at Bli medlem if you are working within the field of professional visual arts in Norway.

Check upcoming application deadlines here. (in norwegian)

Send us an e-mail if you are having problems adding events or are looking for specific information.

Our team

Aslak Høyersten
Managing Director
Email: aslak(a)visp.no
Mobil: +47 934 61 983

Sissel Leknes
Projectmanager Leiga
Email: sissel@leiga.no
Mobil: +47 402 88 220

Jakob Myklebust Huus
Staff member Bergen
Email: jakob(a)visp.no
Mobil: +47 984 236 37