CONTEST OF SPEED: Ingrid Bjørnseth

Taking the buss randomly to end stops, no plan-no destination, is something Ingrid used to do since she was 15; ritual that became a navigation line in her studio practice later on. X area (3) is one of those places she re-discovered in 2016, in Åsane, in a sort of a liminal state where plans have been made but nothing has really happened. During around sixteen visits to the place, spending between 1-2 hrs, sometimes with a friend and a coffee picnic, Ingrid started by bringing pieces of bricks she found scattered in the forest. First in the pocket, a bit more in her purse, a tote bag, then why not a suitcase.

In 2018 an accidental rainbow surprised Ingrid while she was watering the garden of Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift where she was on residency at that time. Composed by one time camera pictures, Tropical German Garden (1) is a publication to be re-launched in Bergen after its first edition was released in Hamburg, Germany.

Cupid’s dart (2.1) depicts images part of her research on snails and slugs reproduction, where a love-dart is part of courtship and mating. The publication is inspired by (2) Enmeshment, video filmed in 2013 in Hardbakka, where Ingrid left her camera as a silent witness of a couple of mating snails.

CONTEST OF SPEED, is the gathering of all these elements part of (3), (1), (2.1), (2), projects Ingrid Bjørnseth has been developing overtime, intertwined, overlapped, apart; in between.


The event is ONE NIGHT ONLY on Friday the 14th and it will happen as follows 👉LAUNCH ▶️ kl 17.30 PAUSE ⏸kl 18.30 and RE-LAUNCH kl 20.00 🔁

First comers to the launch will get a package x3 different publications part of Ingrid’s project FOR FREE! 💫💫💫The booklets 3, 2 or 1 will be available for sale after.

I M P O R T A N T: Please notice the event will take place at –p a l m e r a–’s satellite firma 💼 in Nikolaikirkeallmenningen 2B, right before you turn to get to –p a l m e r a–

Hope to see you!