LES ROSES de nos jardins

–p a l m e r a–

9.11.18 – 11.11.18

Palmera is enchanté to invite you to the opening of LES ROSES de nos Jardins, a solo exhibition by Øystein Larssen.

Øystein Larssen was born in Lofoten sometime between 1989 and 1990. He obtained a Bachelor degree from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHIB in 2015 and moved right after to Brussels where he lived in the backyard of the EU parlament quarter. 2016 was a year of (quite a lot) night walking in that area and in the city. He is currently exploring his artistic practice at BAS- Bergen School of Architecture.

Larssen’s perceptions from growing up in nature are highly contrasted with the way he navigates urban landscapes. The notion of getting lost is quite important in his practice as means of self representation in a dysfunctional map with poetic qualities. Re-visiting, connecting and disconnecting nodes, constantly allows for an element of repetition that can become a gesture of betrayal to the solipsistic nature of an idea within his work.

LES ROSES de nos jardins, conveys a selection of past, present and future works Larssen has been drifting around through a careful exploration of encounters and re-collection of material; between a year spent in Brussels and days in Bergen.

Expiration and exhaustion are subtle components integrated in the constellation of works in the exhibition, as well as in the methods that leaded to them. Narratives can usually happen while staring out the window, probably a garden of attempts within the domestic and its antonym.

Friday 9th of November

14.00-18.00 hrs

The exhibition is open until Sunday the 11th of November.