Lin Wang

Lin Wang


Bergen, Norway

Master in Fine Art
Bachelor in sculpture

What is your expression?
I primarily work with porcelain installation, and performances involving different medias.
The recent projects aim to create a platform for communication where new and old social issues can be brought up in a courteous, yet effective manner.

What inspires you?
The culture confusion by living in the West. Art is kind of my personal solution for the culture confusion, it works very practial for me.

This cultural conflict and misunderstanding is not only my personal experience, it is also the experience between regions and different ideologies. Through artistic practice, I want to extend from the perspective of personal experience to the commonness of group experience.

How would you describe your art?
My practices focuses on how art in a simple manner can use innovative angles and platforms to penetrate into contemporary personal and social spheres.

My previous project Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstanding – Performance Dinner as an example: the project aims to create a platform for communication where new and old social issues can be brought up in a courteous yet effective manner. The project constitutes of porcelain artworks inspired by the Eurasian Maritime Silk Road, food and a thematic concert. The guests come together for a friendly meal during which the dinner table becomes a platform for the exchange of thoughts. When the food is finished, the symbolism and expressions of the artworks on the gigantic dinnerwares are discovered.

Why did you decide to stay in Bergen?
I had my master study at the Art academy in Bergen. And I have great colleagues from the art scene Bergen. I like the Bergen harbour and the people.

What do you like about the artscene and the town?
What I like about the artscene is that it is quite equal, even when you are a foreign artist. And I really got supported from my art colleagues even the ones I am not that familiar with.
The town is small but cosy, a lot of cultural activities happening all the time, which makes the town very charming.

What could be better in the local artscene?
In the art school, maybe we could teach more classical drawing and sculpture forming?

What are you currently working on?
Currently, I´m working on my next solo show at Kunsthall Grenland in spring 2019 and the continuation of the performance dinner vol.2 and vol.3 at the Årsutstilling 2018 and the Pikene på Broen Festival 2019 respectively.

What are your ambitions and plans for the future?
I hope I could continue to make a living from my art, live and thrive.
Using art as a Soft Power to contribute another perspective to our society.

And finally: which art colleague of yours deserves a bigger audience?
Kay Arne Kirkebø