POST-CAPITALISTIC AUCTION call for testing group participants

Post Capitalistic Auction is a real but alternative art auction, which is probably the only auction where you can bid for artworks with or without money. You can offer money, understanding, exchange of services / goods , potentially career-enhancing opportunities to the artists. It will be the artist him/herself who decide to whom the artwork goes to. By doing this, we investigate from different perspective on how we value art and ourselves.

We’re now creating a focus group of volunteers to test out different scenarios and different possibilities of offers for the auction.  If you are interested in know more, come to join! It’ll be fun and relaxed! And we’d love your input! Read more and sign up if you want to join on the link below:

Call for volunteers 

Any inquiries, welcome to send us email via And read about our project here:

Post-Capitalistic Auction