Screenings: Sara Rajaei – Tatiana Blass

Lørdag 29. oktober kl. 12.00 til søndag 6. november 16.00, Stiftelsen 3,14 – galleri

Exhibition period: 28.10. – 06.11.2016

CIRCULATING AiR is a three-year KUP artist in residence project that traverses the county. It springs out of 3,14’s desire to contribute to innovation, collaboration and artistic engagement and competence throughout the cultural field and region. The initiative aims to develop venues and opportunities for artistic development with emphasis on the interaction between city and rural areas, local and international spheres, the professionals and the public. By direct invitation, 3,14 curates profiled international artists inclined to work site-specifically. The artists commit to developing site-related work during their stay, establishing a dialogue with the hosting community in various ways.
At 3,14 we will now be proudly screening two separate projects developed under the program.

In the gaze of Panoptes (2016)
Single channel video installation, color, sound, 20 min.


Over a period of five years, 3,14 has been following the artistic ouvre of the Iranian born and Rotterdam based artist Sara Rajaei. The institution, fellow curators and audiences have had a unique opportunity to chart her development as well as her relationship to Bergen. The first exhibition at 3,14 provided an introduction to Rajaei’s practice featuring, at that time, both early and recent works. For the second viewing, Rajaei presented exclusively new pieces. As the latest round, BEK and 3,14 are delighted to present the video In the gaze of Panoptes, developed and produced in Bergen under 3,14´s artist in residency program, Circulating Air, in collaboration with BEK. Rajaei’s work is often grounded on the concept of time, memory and story telling.Rajaei studied at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and attended the two year residency program at Rijkakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam.

In Torborg Nedreaas’ Nothing grows by moonlight, the passing of time and the quality of light play important roles in the development of two parallel stories; meanwhile as the protagonist tells a life story within the safety of the walls of a stranger’s house, the narrator presents the reader a detailed description of the quality of light outside of that haven; evening light, the dark of the night and early morning… recreating the circumstances and the sounds which occur by the passage of time… As the morning light appears, the protagonist finishes the story and leaves…

In the gaze of Panoptes is a short film inspired by the book Nothing grows by moonlight both by its approach to storytelling but also by its light influence… In May 2016, fifteen Bergen based individuals from different parts of the world, were invited to take part in the project and to share their life journeys in exchange of a chapter of the book being read to them. The plot of In the gaze of Panoptes is a blend of all those destinies which cross but meet one another in certain moments…

Like the character in Nothing grows by moonlight, the protagonist of the film also deals with issues such as departure, arrival, home, identity and solitude… following a 7-year-old lucid dream… transforming from the cityman to the caveman, taking refuge in the nature… becoming the perfect observer of the light… the watchman… the giant with hundred eyes…

Supported by: KUP–Hordaland Fylkeskommune, Arts Council Norway, CBK Rotterdam, BEK, and 3,14.
Produced by: BEK and 3,14

Encrenca_Trøbbel (2014)
Video, 7 min. (in the gallerys´ vault)


We are glad to finally present for the Bergen public the video work Encrenca_Trøbbel of our earlier residency artist, Tatiana Blass (1979), a profiled Brazilian artist based in São Paulo. Blass works with different techniques, such as painting, sculpture, video and installation. Recurrent characteristics present in her work are the depiction or staging of the absurd, the insistence in transforming functional objects into dysfunctional ones and the distortion of language in something ineffective, into its breakdown.

Shot in Ålvik, during Blass’ residency stay in Kvam Herad, the performance-video depicts the Brazilian actress Ilana Gorban, who has no knowledge of the Norwegian language, interacting with the Norwegian actor, Sveinung Augestad, who does not speak Portuguese. Wearing particular costumes, the duo engages in an absurd and playful game, in which they alternately try to repeat each other’s lines, in each other’s mother tongues. Connected to one another through countless ribbons, reminding us of marionettes, the game evolves as the characters swap roles as the commander and the one being commanded. The work was first presented locally in Kunstnerhuset Kabuso (Øystese, Kvam) and later in Mexico, Brazil and in the US.

Tatiana Blass has held solo shows at several institutions, among them the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Johannes Vogt Gallery (NY), CCBB (Rio de Janeiro), among others. Her work has also been shown in several group shows such as the 29th São Paulo International Biennial, at Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (Miami, USA), Wallraf-Richartz Museum (Cologne). She has also received several grants and prizes, including both the Jury Award and the Popular Vote Award of the PIPA Prize 2011 and was shortlisted at the Nam June Paik Award, in Germany.

Supported by: KUP– Hordaland Fylkeskommune, Kvam Herad, and 3,14
Produced by: 3,14
In collaboration with: Kunstnarhuset Messen


PARABOL – the parabolic loudspeaker at 3,14:
Buskers (2008-)

Buskers is a collection of recordings of chance encounters with street musicians across different countries and cities. A busker is an entertainer but also an opening to something else: a voice that invites reflection, standing still, or moving against. A busker creates an atmosphere for echoing, reverberating and reactivating the urban spaces we pass through. A street musician can be thought of as a pure and vivid manifestation of a city’s freeform and, most of the time, underground, unacknowledged creative fauna.
Documenting the beauty of these artists proves to be a difficult task because of their fleeting nature. Most of the recordings featured in this collection were done while travelling using in-ear binaural microphones.

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