January 24: Webinar – Nordisk kulturkontakt/ Nordic Culture Point

Tuesday January 24, at 10 AM ECT

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In this zoom meeting we have invited Nordic Culture Point (Nordisk kulturkontakt) to give an introduction to their work and how you as a visual artist or working within the visual arts can apply for funding through their many various funding and grant programmes.

The meeting will be held in English and is open for all professionals working within the visual arts, it will also be available as a recording on our Youtube channel.

«Nordic Culture Point (NCP) is a Nordic cultural institute in Helsinki. We promote, strengthen, and communicate Nordic cultural co-operation so that everyone can participate equally in the Nordic cultural scene and Nordic society.

Nordic Culture Point administers several of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding programmes for culture and society, runs a Nordic library, and organises cultural events in Helsinki and around Finland.

We are an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Ministers for Nordic Co-operation have given us the job of helping the Nordic Region become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030.

At Nordic Culture Point, we have identified three key areas with the best opportunities for us to help make society more sustainable. Learning, diversity, and accessibility are our watchwords when we plan our day-to-day operations.»

You may view a recording of the webinar here and download the document Direct links here Direct links.